Selasa, 20 Agustus 2013

Fakta Pisces Versi Fatma Xoxo

  • Moody
  • Mature
  • Full of patient
  • They don't wear their emotions on their sleeves but they do breathe them
  • Romantic women
  • They can be very lazy but only in matters that they do not care about
  • So much love
  • Faithful
  • Dreamer
  • We are powerful creatures. We do what we want. Loyalty is there until you misuse it
  • We will call when they are ready
  • They like their relationships to flow like the waters... Nothing forced and predicted!
  • They could speak very quietly and make a person feel like acid was being evenly distributed over every inch of your body
  • When Pisces has a feeling something will happen, it usually does
  • "You hurt my feelings but I'll never show it" - Pisces Thoughts
  • Shy at first and mad at last
  • If a Pisces tells you to listen to a song, pay attention to the lyrics! ngaa a a a a a a
  • Pisces likely to spend a lot of time in their own world, a world of dreams and fantasies which will feed their soul
  • The Pisces woman is charming, soft and feminine.She makes a man feel like a man because of her need for a protector and leader
  • Fasion are important
  • Sometimes feminine but sometimes sporty
  • Stubborn
  • Never give up
  • A little labile hehehe
  • Happy people
  • Very love jokes and laughter
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Strong women

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