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Pisces Female Shoe Style

The Pisces sign is the ruler of the feet, so that means only one thing and that’s fabulous shoes! It’s one thing being great with accessories but to the Pisces lady, the shoes are the masterpiece—and really, why shouldn’t they be!

Wedges are one of those shoe styles that come back into season all the time, why? Because they’re so comfortable! The “Forever” wedges from Betts are a gorgeous pair of shoes with a neutral palette that can work to soften an outfit to fit the Pisces gal’s “romantic styling” come to life.

The Pisces lady that’s all about the accessories would enjoy playing around with these two-toned Miss KG “Ramona” heels. With a gorgeous sky blue taking the top and beige on the lower half, the more creative types of the Pisces bunch can test their fashion to the limits with these sweet looking shoes!

One of the colours involved with the Pisces sign is sea green—this pair of shoes has pieces of sea green mixed with a bright turquoise colour creating a gorgeous display to decorate your feet. The “Helium” sling backs by Dune are a statement shoe that every woman must have. They are a great pair of shoes to brighten an outfit or brighten a gloomy day.

For the warmer months of the year why not grab a pair of sandals by Steve Madden, “Sutttle” and yes that is spelt correctly—to add a little fashion to your summer. With a criss-cross mesh like design for the back of the shoe and a buckle to secure it to your feet, it’s a pretty way to do the hotter months the right and fashionable way. These shoes come in a variety of four colours that can be chosen to your particular summer wardrobe, so if you can’t choose, just grab one of each.

Every woman cannot have enough black shoes—no matter what men say! Classic pair of black heels is the Mary Janes by “Showoff” in suede. Nothing screams girly, feminine or beautiful than a gorgeous pair of Mary Janes. These shoes are the types that can glam up an outfit or be kept as a sexy casual for a dinner date or as a lunch date with friends.

The Pisces lady embraces the need to be creative and unique which is why these shoes are perfect for you! These heeled boots are great for the more adventurous Pisces and love experimenting with their outfit and shoes. The Lita Fab- sick of men shoe by Black Milk, has not only a funny shoe name but is quirky with the illusion of a comic pattern throughout the exterior of the shoe. It’s fun and is a great challenge for those more fashion inclined and looks for more out of the ordinary fashion accessories.

For those Pisces women looking for inspiration, why not check out Piscean women, Twilight’s sexy, Ashley Greene and music icon, Rihanna for extra tips. They always rock it out on the street and you are no different!

Check this link  http://xstrologyscopes.com/articles/pisces/pisces-female-shoe-style

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